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Cosmo Skin Collagen Intensive Repair Hand and Body Cream


Cosmo Skin Collagen Hand and Body Cream is a proven effective formula that has been developed specifically for the special needs of ageing skin.


It intensively regenerate and nourishes the skin, It reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles, Stimulates the production of the skins natural collagen and it Effectively whitens the skin.


Cosmo Skin Collagen Soap


Say goodbye to Wrinkles and age spots! This formula that is enriched with  20X concentrated Marine Collagen and Papain Enzyme can boosts your skin’s capacity for young cell regeneration. 


Cosmo Skin Kojic Soap

Enriched with powerful Whitening formula,Cosmo Skin Kojic Soap contains Alpha Arbutin, Daisy Extracts and Kojic Acid that can exfoliate dead skin cells to reveal a brighter, lighter complexion.


Cosmo Skin Exfoliant Soap

Pamper yourself with Cosmo Skin Exfoliant Soap, this beauty bar is enrich with delicious fragrance. It contains a natural exfoliator- Oat Fiber, Whitening Vitamin B3 and Moisturising - Olea Europea.

Cosmo Skin Whitening Soap


Be Deliciously Beautiful in just 7 days! This powerful whitening soap contains 4 powerful whitening ingredients Alpha Arbutin, Claire Blanch, Papain Enzyme and Glutathione

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