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Cosmo Skin Premium Collagen


Why do we need Collagen?

Our skin comprises of 80% Collagen, its function is to provide strength, resilience and flexibility of the skin, it also gives moisture and elasticity. As we reach the age of mid-20’s , Collagen production diminishes, resulting to fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks and sagging skin.


Advantages and Benefits of taking Cosmo Skin Premium

Cosmo Skin Premium provides a Pure, Calorie Free 100% Marine Collagen. And unlike other brands in the market today, Cosmo Skin contains 20,000mg of highly absorbable collagen. Thus it effectively promotes Collagen Synthesis within the body, reversing the signs of ageing.









Minimises the signs of:

Fine Lines


Stretch marks

Dry Skin

Sagging Skin


Dark spots

Dull skin

Patchy skin

Open pores

Thinning of hair

Other Benefits:

Brighter skin appearance 

Increase Bone strength

Smoother joint and ligament mobility/flexibility

How to take Cosmo Skin Premium

Cosmo Skin is best paired with any of your favorite beverages, like coffee, juice, milk shake, fruits shakes etc. Just divide the contents of one bottle into 3-4 servings. (Or you can dissolve 1-2 teaspoon of Cosmo Skin premium)

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