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Cosmo Skin GSE Dark Spots Corrector


Dark Spots, Melasma ,Uneven Skin Tone or Skin Pigmentation. Is a common Skin Condition in which skin pigmentation occurs in Sun-exposed Areas due to over production of Melanin. Pigmentation Appears as Dark patches.


Melasma is a condition that is common to women. 90% of women who have melasma are in their reproductive years. Men can also get melasma and treatment is also similar to both sexes. Melasma usually occurs between 20-55 years old.


What causes Melasma and Dark Spots?

>Too much Sun Exposure

>Hormone theraphy

>Hormonal changes



>The Procyanidins in Grape Seed Extract can help lighten  Melasma, Dark Spots and Hyperpigmentation of the Skin.

>The Vitamin C helps reverse hyperpigmentation.

>While the Vitamin E can help maintain a glowing and healthy   skin.


Dosage:        Take 2 capsules before bedtime.


FDA FR#  100124

Food Supplement

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