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Cosmo Skin is the country’s prime whitening supplement.  Its unique formulation inhibits tyrosinase activity that is a main component of dark melanin- the main culprit for skin darkening.  


Cosmo Skin is formulated with Advanced Skin Whitening Technology that contains a more potent form of 500 mg Glutathione

100 mg Alpha Lipoic Acid and 100mg Vitamin C.  


Aside from giving you a fair and smooth skin, Cosmo Skin can also helps strengthen the immune system, it can protect the body from free-radical damage, and it can remove the toxins in the liver.


It also has amino acids that help enhance the skin’s natural  collagen levels; thus, reducing the appearance of  wrinkles and signs of skin ageing.






What are the Advantages of CosmoSkin over the competing brand?

    Cosmo Skin has 700 mg whitening ingredients - 500mg Glutathione, 100mg Alpha Lipoic Acid and 100 mg Ascorbic Acid, making       it more potent, giving you a faster results


Is the Glutathione in Cosmo Skin in  reduced form?

     Yes, the glutathione in Cosmo Skin is in reduced form (or what we know as the "Prime" form of Glutathione). Glutathione is a 

     Master Antioxidant found in every cell in the body, protecting the body from the harmful free-radicals.


How long before I see the results?

     Results may vary with different people, because everyone has different metabolism or everyone has a different absorption.

     Most of our consumer see the difference in skin tone in just 7 or 14 days. While complete or total whitening can be achieve in

     1 to 2 months


What is the recommended dosage to be able to achieve faster and more visible results?

     As a dietary supplement, take 1 capsule a day 30 minutes before or after meal.

     For Whitening, take 2 capsules a day 30 minutes before or after meal.


Heres the complete Regimen to properly take Cosmo Skin:


Click  HERE     

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